Omega watch battery replacement Waringsford

Contact us today for a free estimate on all Omega watch repairs. Omega watch battery replacement Waringsford, Northern Ireland and UK.

Are you looking for quality Omega watch repairs? . From a simple battery replacement, to a complete watch refurbishment. We can do this all. Because we have the right tools and experience to carry out any repairs. Because you can now get high quality watch repairs at a very competitive price. From specialist in Omega watch repairs.

When we carry out an Omega watch battery replacement we always reseal the watch and pressure test it. This is to make sure the watch remains water resistant. However, if for any reason the watch fails the pressure testing. We will let you know why and what needs to be replaced or repaired to resolve the issue.

If you want to remove scratches from your watch. We also offer a watch polishing service. This will remove most scratches, as a result it will bring your watch to a like new condition. All polishing includes a free ultrasonic cleaning. We are very competitive with our prices we are sure you wont find anyone who can beat or even match them.

Unlike many other companies, we only recommend a full service and overhaul when there is an actual fault with the watch. This could be the watch movement is not responding with a new battery, or if the watch keeps stopping and starting. We will always advise you on what is best for your watch. However, we wont insist on having work done, it is your watch so we allow all decisions to you.

Omega watch repairs include:

Battery, Reseal and Pressure Tests, Full Service and Overhaul, Bracelet Repairs, Watch Polishing/Cleaning, Glass Replacement and Part Repairs/Replacements.

All Omega models including, Seamaster, DeVille, Constellation and Speedmaster.

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Omega watch battery replacement Waringsford

Omega watch battery replacement Waringsford